Your camp has been an amazing experience for Clare. I have never seen her so excited EVERY DAY of a three week camp. All of the theatrical lessons and preparation, paired with fun and entertaining electives have come together for great experiences. Both essential to making a well rounded camper.
Thank you!

My boys are running around the house singing Lullaby of Broadway….
I absolutely love it that both my kids know music from so many different generations.

I wanted to thank you again. Chandler had such a great experience - just like you promised. Not only did the camp help build her self esteem and confidence but it also built lasting memories and friendships.

It's very clear this organization was built with love and continues to be so successful because you continue to care so much.

B*E*S*T show EVER! All the kids were on, the play was well written and it really showed how wonderfully this group got along. Thank you so very much for all you do not only for my children but for our community.
Last night's performance was amazing. I never would have thought a group of kids that age could do such a phenominal performance. Hats off to you and your staff for doing such a great job teaching our children!
I'd like to first thank you and your staff for creating such a great summer camp experience for my daughter. She is having such a great time!! As we all know, you're only a kid once and these awesome experiences create memories that last a life time. As a parent I truly appreciate how hard all of you are working to make sure the kids are not only learning but are having a great time while they are doing it.
Just to let you know (as you must already!) that Alex is soooooo thrilled to be at camp again! He was up, dressed and ready to go early this morning...this from a boy who loves to sleep in! Thanks so much for the opportunity for him :)
We really enjoyed last evening's performance...thank you so much for for the incredible work you do with the kids in such a short period of time.
It's not wasted on Spence and I that there really are some incredible learnings taking place...and not just about the stage.
Hopefully these covert lessons will last a lifetime.
Thank you immensely for the incredible thought, care, and work you and the counselors put into our children. You may, or may not, have noticed the transformation in your campers. But I wanted to let you know that the transformation in Patrick and Claire was very wonderful and heart-warming to see. Our family friend, Michael, who has been very much a part of our family said to me, "It brought tears to my eyes, to see the transformation. I was very proud of them." Thank you for your work and your care. You do a great thing for our children.
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening for us. It was a joy being able to sit back and watch our kids and it is amazing that you get them to do a full show and grow so much in just three weeks. Amber has acquired such a joy of being on stage and her positive energy and big smile was worth a million to us tonight. She has all these new interests like dancing and singing, and she is confident, responsive and excited for more theater after her time with you. These skills will stay with her and help her growth no matter what she does next.
How very exciting for the kids. Thank you so much Barrett for everything. I can tell how Gabe's self confidence is growing this summer. It's all thanks to you and your program. Gabe had a friend over last night and was teaching him the songs.
Thank you so much for all the fun and encouragement you've given Eden. She's had a blast, and though she hasn't ever really suffered from low self esteem☺, she has grown so much with you in terms of poise and self confidence. she's sad that this is her last play with you until next summer.
How cool cool cool!!! Thanks for giving Kyle, Chiara, and all kids such an amazing opportunity and wonderful growth experiences.
We love you!!!
: )
This camp was a great experience for Olivia. And, the play was delightful. I loved the way everyone had a significant role... how brilliant a script is that?
I want to thank you for an amazing camp experience. Hayley had a wonderful time! The play was an absolute delight! Thank you so much!
I just wanted to thank you for all the great times my kids had at camp. It was a great experience and the show was one our family will never forget.

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